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It's Been a While

Hello there, I'd like to take a minute to share my thoughts about zero waste while maintaining a very busy lifestyle, and being ill. I have chronic illness and pain problems, and for the past two months they have been flaring up pretty severely. I know most of you will not relate to that, but I'm sure everyone has something that can make the effort it takes to be zero waste seem impossible to put in. I'm here to offer advice around what I do when I can't commit fully to still attempt to make an impact.

1.) Make sure to compost! Food waste accounts for so much of the waste we put into landfills, when it can easily serve alternative purposes that benefit our planet as opposed to harming it. If you do no other zero waste activity, make an effort to compost. I get free compostable bags from my municipal compost sites and store the scraps in those bags, in the freezer so they don't start to rot before I can take it to be processed. No matter how you compost, make an eff…

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